Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Now!" Inbound #4 Bibliography

Due to space constraints, Inbound #4 could not include any of the stories' bibliographies. Here is the bibliography for the MCC story "Now!" as it would have appeared in the collection:

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History of American Civilization: Harvard University Site. 4 April 2005. History of American Civilization Department of Harvard University. 7/12/2009.

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Faust, Drew. “Letter to the Community.” E-mail to all Harvard Affiliates. 18 Febr. 2009.

Faust, Drew and Marilyn Hausammann. “Important Workforce Announcement.” Email to Harvard Workforce List-serv. 23 June 2009.

The Harvard Living Wage Sit-Ins. Dir. by Maple Razsa and Pacho Velez. 2004.

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The Boston Globe. 21 May 2009.

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The figure of 1000 laid-off workers comes from the various campus unions, and is the number that they use when discussing lay-offs. The University has not released an official total for lay-offs, but they do put a number to each round. The union number includes not only the full-time union members that the University counts, but also people they do not, such as part-time and outsourced employees.

Special thanks to Cathy and Joel, who provided valuable feedback and reality checks for this project.

Monday, December 14, 2009

First Transmission Review on the Poopsheet Foundation

Henry Chamberlain has published a short and sweet review of the First Transmission of the MCC over at the Poopsheet Foundation website. Read it here.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

The MCC is in Outbound #4 and The BCR has a ton of Events

The MCC has a piece in Inbound #4! Here's the full press release for the book.

The History of Boston - Finally in Comic Book Form!
New comics anthology showcases true tales from Boston's past and present
in Inbound #4, the latest from the Boston Comics Roundtable

BOSTON, MA (December 3, 2009) - Boston history has never looked so lively as in Inbound #4: A Comic Book History of Boston. This 144-page trade paperback features over 35 stories from dozens of contributors, all chronicling true tales from their beloved hometown. The book is the latest in the Inbound comics anthology series produced by the Boston Comics Roundtable. (View book cover and samples at

Inbound #4: A Comic Book History of Boston has already been hailed as "an unexpected and delightful assortment of Boston lore" by Jane Clayson, radio host of WBUR's "Radio Boston." The stories are fresh takes on some of Boston's most fascinating history that rarely makes its way to dusty textbooks and walking tours. Ever heard about the book bound in human flesh at the Boston Athenaeum? What about the true and surprisingly sympathetic tale of Ponzi Scheme inventor Charles Ponzi? From revolutionaries to pirates and heroes to thieves, this collection brings them all together into a single, thrilling volume of shared history.

The book is a great gift for both history buffs and comics lovers. It's available online at the Boston Comics Roundtable website ( and in many comic book and traditional book stores in the Boston area, including: Million Year Picnic, Harvard Book Store, New England Comics, Brookline Booksmith, Comicazi, Hub Comics, and Comicopia.

To hear the WBUR interview with Inbound editors and contributors, as well as the radio dramatization of Cathy Leamy's "The Old Howard," go to

Contributors for Inbound #4: A Comic Book History of Boston include Matt Aucoin, Matt Boehm, Eric Boeker, Baldemar Byars, Susan Chasen, Will Clark, Ellen Crenshaw, Brad DeRocher, Franklin Einspruch, David Fernandez, Samuel Ferri, Tim Fish, Bob Flynn, Jaime Garmendia, Joel Christian Gill, Lawrence Gillette, Raul Gonzalez, Erik Heumiller, Richard Jenkins, Dave Kender, Kevin Kilgore, Braden D. Lamb, Cathy Leamy, Ron LeBrasseur, Line-O, Jesse Lonergan, David Marshall, Dan Mazur, the MCC, Troy Minkowsky, Lindsay Moore, Shelli Paroline, Steve Polackawicz, Matthew Reidsma, Roho, Aya Rothwell, Joshua Santa Cruz, b.k. Smith, Dirk Tiede, Carl Tsui, Dave Unger, and Jen Vaughn.


The Boston Comics Roundtable is an independent organization of comics creators in the Greater Boston area. It was created in 2006 to unite Boston-based artists and writers in the spirit of camaraderie and professional development. More information about its publications, its members, and local meetings can be found at

Contact info
Dave Kender
Boston Comics Roundtable

The Boston Comics Roundtable is hosting a number of events to promote the book, from an art opening at the Atomic Bean Cafe this Saturday from 4:00 to 6:00 to various craft fairs leading up to the holiday. You can find a full schedule here, on the left side of the page.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

BCR at the Harvard Square Holiday Craft Fair!

This Saturday and Sunday, the Boston Comics Roundtable will be at the Harvard Square Holiday Craft Fair. My newly printed mini will be for sale as part of a gift set, and Inbound #4 will be debuting.

The show is at the First Parish Unitarian Church and it runs from 10 to 7 on Saturday and 12 to 6 on Sunday. Find out more information here.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Today is the Shadow of Tomorrow Has Been Printed!

Hey All,

Today is the Shadow of Tomorrow has been sent to ComixPress, and it should be available soon to order online. Until then, I'll have a few self-printed copies to sell at shows and put in stores.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Boston Comic Con

Hey All,

Joe and I will be at the Boston Comic Con at the Back Bay Convention center this weekend, maybe manning the Boston Comics Roundtable set-up for part of the festivities. Also, work on the new MCC mini is done, and hopefully it will be available by early next month.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Work Continues

So I've been working on a new MCC mini Comic. Here are a couple of possible covers.

Ska-Vengers 2 should be out relatively soon. We'll keep you updated.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Boston Comics Roundtable Has a New Website!

The Boston Comics Roundtable put up a shiny new website this week. You can check it out here. The design stylings of Shelli Paroline make it an oh-so-pretty web surfing experience.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two Events This Week!

Hey All,

Here are two events that Joe and I are involved with. We'll talk about the later one first, because Joe did the artwork for the poster.

On Friday

Not A Tad Bad's annual movie and arts show returns this August 21st in Kingston to showcase independent cinema and local music acts from all over New England.

So basically its a film festival with a bunch of bands.

Materials will be shown ranging from short films and animations to feature length projects. Local photographers and artists can also display their work for free at their own table it they'd like.

Anyone interested in submitting can email us at with any questions they have. Submitting is completely, 100% free.

The music starts at 4, the movies at 7 followed by an intermission sometime around 9:30.

Admission is $3 a person, $5 for two people.

Local film makers, musicians, artists, photographers, and creative folks are all heavily encouraged to come.

Beat Surrender
Hello Ninja
& Oilhead!

Ryan Murphy
Dana Bandit Volke
Stephen Troy
Adam Farrell
Kevin James
TJ O'Brien
Neil Cicierega
Max Pacheco
Dana Cataldo
Ethan Taranto-Kent
Steve Madden
Joe Botsch
Arthur Michaud
Sam Stone
Matt Newcomb
Craig Shannon
Matt Sinclair
and more!

On Thursday

(Poster by the very cool David Marshall)

WILD INK: Live Comics, Live Music Event August 20th

“Wild Ink,” a live arts and music event, will be held at P.A.’s Lounge on Thursday, August 20th. “Wild Ink” is a fundraiser for the Boston Comics Roundtable, and will include amazing live comics creation, artistic head-to-head showdowns, the world’s most unusual live sketch gallery, big raffle prizes, and live music from Rotary.

Created in 2006, the Boston Comics Roundtable is a collective of comics creators in the Greater Boston area. Its mission: to network, teach, workshop, encourage, and publish the best and brightest artists and writers in the creation of comics. All proceeds will benefit the upcoming publication of Inbound #4, A Comics Anthology, featuring local artists taking on the strange but true history of Boston.

The event begins at 9 p.m. (doors at 8 p.m.) at P.A.’s Lounge in Somerville, MA (345 Somerville Ave., 617-776-1557). This is an 18+ show. Tickets are $12, paid at the door.

For more details, and to learn more about the Boston Comics Roundtable, visit

Monday, July 27, 2009

Free DIY Jet #2

In this issue, Ché Salazar looks a little four letter word, Ellora Derenoncourt examines the sexual politics of India, Kyle Krahel looks at the effects of bombing drones. Art includes work by Andrew Abbot, Ché, and Rios.
Download the .pdf

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sorry for the Delay

Hey All,

I've been dealing with a family emergency, so the second issue of DIY Jet has been delayed. Joe and I will post it soon.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weekly DIY Jet

Our newsletter is live. Download it here!

DIY Jet #1

Please tell us what you think, and also, we have open submissions. Please send us articles, comics, and black and white drawings. All work is protected under the creative commons non-commercial attribution license. We'll print it once, and then it's yours forever.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MCC Available for Purchase and Newsletter Coming Soon

You can now buy The First Transmission of the MCC from ComiXpress. Follow the link on your right, or just go here:

We will also soon be releasing the DIY Jet News Zine, full of arts, culture, politics, and whatever else we can fish out of the mass unconscious.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our First Review

Rob Clough just posted a great review of the MCC anthology on his blog. You can read the review here.

Hopefully, the MCC will be available soon from ComixPress, so that you all can get a copy.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The MCC Is Coming!

Hey All,

We just got the proof today, and it looks great. The MCC will soon be at comics stores and available online.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

MCC Preview

Here's a small sample of what to expect from the MCC.

My friend Andrew drew the speech bubbles for this alternate version. Unfortunately, it does not appear in the First Transmission, but hopefully will see publication in some other capacity. I feel like the two work really well together.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Minimalist Comics Collective Goes to the Presses

The First Transmission of the Minimalist Comics Collective has gone to the presses. This comics anthology features the work of Agnes Anger, Abel Jimenez, and Ché Salazar. Images to come soon, and sorry for the long delay in communication. I was writing my honors thesis, and Joe has had plenty of projects keeping him busy. Things are moving at DIY Jet. Get excited.