Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two Events This Week!

Hey All,

Here are two events that Joe and I are involved with. We'll talk about the later one first, because Joe did the artwork for the poster.

On Friday

Not A Tad Bad's annual movie and arts show returns this August 21st in Kingston to showcase independent cinema and local music acts from all over New England.

So basically its a film festival with a bunch of bands.

Materials will be shown ranging from short films and animations to feature length projects. Local photographers and artists can also display their work for free at their own table it they'd like.

Anyone interested in submitting can email us at notatadbad@notatadbad.net with any questions they have. Submitting is completely, 100% free.

The music starts at 4, the movies at 7 followed by an intermission sometime around 9:30.

Admission is $3 a person, $5 for two people.

Local film makers, musicians, artists, photographers, and creative folks are all heavily encouraged to come.

Beat Surrender
Hello Ninja
& Oilhead!

Ryan Murphy
Dana Bandit Volke
Stephen Troy
Adam Farrell
Kevin James
TJ O'Brien
Neil Cicierega
Max Pacheco
Dana Cataldo
Ethan Taranto-Kent
Steve Madden
Joe Botsch
Arthur Michaud
Sam Stone
Matt Newcomb
Craig Shannon
Matt Sinclair
and more!

On Thursday

(Poster by the very cool David Marshall)

WILD INK: Live Comics, Live Music Event August 20th

“Wild Ink,” a live arts and music event, will be held at P.A.’s Lounge on Thursday, August 20th. “Wild Ink” is a fundraiser for the Boston Comics Roundtable, and will include amazing live comics creation, artistic head-to-head showdowns, the world’s most unusual live sketch gallery, big raffle prizes, and live music from Rotary.

Created in 2006, the Boston Comics Roundtable is a collective of comics creators in the Greater Boston area. Its mission: to network, teach, workshop, encourage, and publish the best and brightest artists and writers in the creation of comics. All proceeds will benefit the upcoming publication of Inbound #4, A Comics Anthology, featuring local artists taking on the strange but true history of Boston.

The event begins at 9 p.m. (doors at 8 p.m.) at P.A.’s Lounge in Somerville, MA (345 Somerville Ave., 617-776-1557). This is an 18+ show. Tickets are $12, paid at the door.

For more details, and to learn more about the Boston Comics Roundtable, visit www.bostoncomicsroundtable.com.

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