Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pics from the Zine Fair

Hello kids!
This is Joe, I don't know if we've met.
Now, I wasn't actually at the Zine fair, I regrettable had crime to fight. No rest for the wicked, as they say. But the Ska-Vengers sure as hell were there! Set at the beautiful Art Institute of Boston Campus, the Zine fair included dozens of the cities finest independent publishers! Che and Jessica (head of our fictional street team) represented with stacks of our beloved miscreant child, Issue one!
Now of course, we wanted to celebrate the spirit of the zine fair and the awesome people who showed up to support by giving them the chance to help us and create something of their own, so Che brought a big ass board! And on that board the bravest and boldest of the zine fair patrons were invited to add a panel to what became the biggest single page at the whooooooole fair. Probably. I wasn't there.
So as promised, here are those pages.

So there you have it! We'd really like to thank anyone who showed up and supported the event, especially those of you who helped us out and bought one of our little babies. We hope to be at a lot of comic cons and zine fairs in the next few months, so maybe we'll see you around. Keep an eye out for issue two coming sort of soon!
By the way, this is why I should have been there:

I mean, I'm no graphic Designer but... c'mon. C'moooooon.

Have a good 'un,


Emily said...

It's great to see the comic up!
But would it be possible to post larger pictures? The dialog is a little hard to see.

SuperRudey said...

you're right! were on it.

Emily said...

It's still the same size...

SuperRudey said...

ok! NOW they're bigger. sorry 'bout that. heh heh.