Saturday, September 20, 2008

Great First Day at the Zine Fair

Thanks to everybody who bought our book, added to our collaborative comic, or who just stopped by and talked during the day. I'm excited to see both new and familiar people tomorrow for the second round. Come and participate in a second collaborative comic!


Emily said...

The collaborative comic was such a great idea. Can't wait to see the results up here. :D

alexkukla said...

Yeah, what a cool idea! I wanna see the finished product.

Which panels did others work on? I whipped up two on the slugs' story! My poor little guy got stepped on in a subsequent panel. XD


Emily said...

Hmm... on the Potato side of the board I drew the second panel where he was having a identify crisis plus two other panels. And I drew three panels in a row on the Slug story... (the wrong backup plan) I had too much fun with this. XD
First row was made of epic but I wanna know how it endsssss. D:

Also are other Zine Fair people going to the upcoming Boston Comics Roundtable?

alexkukla said...

Wrong backup plan, like after the stick-figure-man gets eaten by the slug and they're floating around in his belly?

And yeah, I'm at least planning on being at the Roundtable next Thursday. The email list that Dave Kender had going for it was getting pretty extensive so it looks like the turnout might be decent. I'm really looking forward to it!

Emily said...

Yus, thats about right.
And I remember seeing the slug-getting-stepped-on panel. Nooooo that was sad. D:

I'm really looking forward it too! The ironic thing is that my art school is having the first Inprint meeting (basically my school's version of the Roundtable) on the same day and time as Roundtable. I'm probably going to skip that first meeting and go every other time in that sense. My god there's so many comic events going on I didn't even know about before the Zine Fair. Awesome!

alexkukla said...

Ah, okay, I remember you. We met drawing those (I think), yeah? That's strangely coincidental about your other meeting, are you going to skip Roundtable or Inprint? And yeah, there are a lot of comics events coming around that I didn't know about before yesterday. Comic-con included (which I really wanna go to). Got to start marking my calendar!

Emily said...

I'm 99% sure I'm skipping Inprint.
Yeah I still have those free-of-charge Comic-con tickets. I should go to that too... calendar-marking time indeed. XD

alexkukla said...

Woo, free Comic-Con! ^_^
My name is Alex by the way! I'm pleased to have met you. XD

Aya said...

I drew the panel about the bee and serendipity and bacon, on Saturday! On Sunday I drew the grape monsters and the woman saying "whatev!"

I also blogged about the Zine Fair and posted pics on my blog, here's a link:

What's Inprint? What school? I don't think I could go to the meetings, but I'm curious. (Also, the first big official BCR meeting is Oct 2nd -- you're more then welcome to come to this week's celebration-meeting at Bukowski's, of course)

alexkukla said...

Oh, the grape monsters, cool!
I tried to go to the Bukowski's celebration but the bouncer wouldn't let my 20-year-old butt inside, haha.
I'll definitely be at the roundtable this Thursday though.